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Szentendre - The pearl of the Danube bend

The typical Baroque-style houses, romantic cobbled-road squares, streets and alleyways create a unique, magical atmosphere for this Meditteranean-like town. This is also supported by the sidewalk on the bank of the Danube, the temples, art galleries and cafes.

Szentendre is also a cultural center; several artists reside, work and exhibit here . Various events, festivals and fairs are held throughout the year for the entertainment of those visiting the town. Several museums are established in Szentendre, like the Margit Kovács Collection, the Outdoor Village Museum (Skanzen), the town's Traffic Museum, the Serbian Orthodox Museum and such new attractions as the Diamond Museum, the Papermill Studio or the Marzipan Museum, among many others.

Szentendre lies at the gate of Hungary's most beautiful regions, the Danube bend, right where the Gödöllő plain and the Pilis mountains meet. It's extraordinary not only because of its architectural harmony but its amazingly beautiful surroundings as well. Various rest and sport facilities are available in the area, one can go on a trip or a hunt, ride a horse or a bycicle as well.

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